The complete Music API

An API for music. Powered by A.I.

Say hello to the most advanced music A.I. technology on the planet.

Search for music by natural language.
Find tracks with intelligent search.
Find similar (sounding) tracks.
Extract data from any track.
Get personalized recommendations.

Technology to craft the best music experiences in any industry.

Customers use our tech to power a variety of different use-cases & move their businesses forward.

Use our proprietary data to empower A&R, find tracks similar to top hits, predict track popularity, & much more.

Enable amazing music experiences by allowing users to search for music by natural language & moods, play similar music, & get personalized recommendations.

Provide smart, seamless music experiences in the car that adapt to your users' context & tastes over time.

Discover how the music in your ads affect conversion rates, search for the right music to play based on moods & tags, find similar music, and much more!

Learn how the music in your ads affect conversion rates, find the right music for ads, and more.

Supercharge your user experience with our music A.I. technology.