A.I. that understands music. Like humans.

By scanning just a few seconds of any song, our AI can accurately detect about 600 different musical attributes, along with more than 60 different emotions (and how they change over time). As you combine this intelligence with your music offerings, you'll be able to craft amazing & personalized user experiences that were simply impossible before.

Adapts to your users, like magic.

Thanks to its ability to understand music, our AI's live playlist engine will also be able to intelligently learn the personalized music tastes of your users. Plus, the more the user interacts with it, the smarter it gets.

Easily integrates with your existing music catalog.

We understand that not every company & organization operates on the same music catalog.

That's why we've designed our AI technology to work easily with any music catalog out there. Whether you're working with millions of tracks from record labels or using only the songs belonging to your users, we've got you covered.

Scales to infinity, and beyond.

Since our technology doesn't depend on humans, our platform is able to infinitely scale with your consumer demand.